If NDE is a weak area you will need to witness these basic methods:

  • RT - Radiography - ASME Section V, Article 2
  • UT - Ultrasonics - ASME Section V, SE-797 only from Article 23 (Thickness measurement only)
  • PT - Penetrant Examination - ASME Section V, Article 6 (All methods)
  • MT - Magnetic Particle Examination - ASME Section V, Article 7 (Yoke & Prod Methods only)
  • 570 only also includes VT - Visual Examination - ASME Section V, Article 9
  • 570 only also includes LT - Leak Testing - ASME Section V, Article 10

Go out in the field and witness these methods being applied and witness the interpretation of the final results of the examinations. Read the required contents for the NDE procedures in ASME Section V and compare a procedure to the required information. Witness the actual application of the procedures to see if they are being carried out correctly. Witness the interpretation of radiographs and be familiar with the required markings, location markers, Image Quality Indicators (IQI’s or what we did call penetrameters or “pennies”), and image quality factors such as density and IQI image.

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