CodeWest not only travels the United States for private on-site classes, but also has presented classes in Korea, South Africa, Yemen, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Aruba, Venezuela, India, Trinidad, Turkey, Portugal, Argentina, Columbia, Canada and other locations. We can present the API Exam Prep Courses – as well as others - in Spanish throughout central and South America through our partner in Venezuela – National Training Center (Marcos Prol at: ntc@nationaltc.com.ve).

Call now to learn more, 281-392-4540.


  •  Bring course and instructor to you rather than disrupt operations by sending trainees away from home. 
  • Train 1 - 10 individuals locally -- No travel time or travel expenses which would significantly reduce cost of training.
  • Add additional students for a reduced nominal fee resulting in additional cost savings.
  • No need to stagger participants---all hands are at home in event of plant emergencies.
  • With a two week exam window, scheduling exams at local exam centers enhances the process.
  • Use time between course and exam for extra study.  Use group study to strengthen individual needs.