Why Codewest API Exam Preparation

CodeWest has provided technical codes and standards training to industry professionals since 1990. We presented our first – and THE first – API-510 Exam Prep Course over 25 years ago. Since that first 510 course we have developed API-570 Process Piping, API-653 Storage Tank Exam Prep and API-1169 Pipeline Prep Courses as well.

CodeWest has trained over 10000 candidates for the American Petroleum Institute (API) Inspector Certification Program exams through our US public exam prep courses alone.

We have also developed courses covering ASME Section IX, VIII Div. 1 and ASME V. API 650 and 653 can be covered in a non-exam prep format too. These courses are typically suited to an individual customer’s requirements and presented at the customers facility. Emphasis may be placed on design, inspection, or just every day implementation of code requirements at any level.

We have presented classes in Korea, South Africa, Yemen, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Aruba, Venezuela, India, Trinidad, Turkey, Portugal, Argentina, Columbia, Canada and other locations. We can present the API Exam Prep Courses – as well as others - in Spanish throughout central and South America through our partner in Venezuela – National Training Center (contact Marcos Prol at: ntc@nationaltc.com.ve).

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Don Locke
President, CodeWest

Understanding vs. Memorization

Some companies emphasize memorization as an instructional technique. This usually involves flash cards similar to those used in grade school for insuring the transfer and retention of basic facts and terminology to young students. This is only the first step in training. While it is true that portions of the certification exams rely heavily on memory, memory alone does not ensure recall of the information required to answer the questions, nor does it provide the understanding required to apply the information independently in problem solving applications

When you are confronted with new information you need to be able to process it and relate it to information and skills you currently have. If you have simply memorized the information with no reference to context, you will not have the capability of applying it as required on the examination or on the job. CodeWest exam prep courses are structured to impart the information and the understanding and confidence to apply it -- on the exam and on the job.

Broad Expertise vs. Limited Resources

Multidisciplinary curriculums covering everything from engineering design and metallurgy to NDE and welding document review can be difficult for a single individual to address. To ensure accurate coverage of all these diverse areas we use instructors with extensive backgrounds and the best credentials to write, edit, and present our courses. No one instructor may be an authority in all areas; but all instructors have access to those who are. This cooperative development ensures accuracy and added depth that other companies can not match with their limited resources and lack of hands-on-experience. Candidates attending our courses after attending others have commented on our added in-depth coverage.

Originality, Experience, and Commitment

CodeWest and our instructors originated API 510 courses in 1990. We have attended the API Task Group on Inspection Codes and specific inspection document committee meetings since then, and have contributed to the development of the programs as well. We are also politically active in supporting acceptance of API programs in the legal jurisdictions that regulate, or are considering regulation, of the equipment covered by industry standards. We are committed to acceptance of the API codes and standards and we have and will continue to invest our money, time, and corporate resources in supporting API Inspectors in their efforts to build a career. We put our resources to work to ensure the value of your certifications.

Genuine CodeWest Training - We Are the Only Source

Copyright violation is a major problem in the technical training industry. We know there are imitators out there and we have seen exact copies of our course text pages with the copyright statements deleted. Make sure your trainer not only has a course - but understands what it means as well.