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NEW API 1169 Pipeline Inspection Exam Prep Course Now Open

Welcome To CodeWest

Exam Preparation Courses For API Inspector Certification Exams

CodeWest has provided technical codes and standards training to industry professionals since 1990. We presented our first--and THE first--API 510 Exam Prep Course over 22 years ago. Since that first 510 course we have developed API 570 Process Piping and API 653 Storage Tank Exam Prep Courses as well. In 2015, we added an API 1169 Exam Prep Course.

CodeWest has trained almost 10,000 candidates for the American Petroleum Institute (API) Inspector Certification Program exams through our US public exam prep courses alone.

World-Wide Experience

Private Courses almost anywhere in the world are available upon request. Korea, South Africa, Yemen, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Aruba, Venezuela, India, Trinidad, Turkey, Portugal, Argentina, Columbia, Canada and other locations. Contact:

We can present the API Exam Prep Courses, as well as others, in Spanish throughout central and South America through our partner in Venezuela: National Training Center

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CodeWest is the industry leader in exam prep training for the API 510, 570 and 653 inspector certifications