CodeWest API-570 Examination Prep Course

API 570 Process Piping Inspector Certification Exam


8 1/2 Day Course Dates
June 11 through noon June 19, 2014
Tuition - 8 1/2 Day
$1,595 per person*
API Exam Registration Deadline
April 11, 2014
Exam Window
June 20 to July 4, 2014

CodeWest Exam Prep Courses often fill near or prior to the API exam registration deadline. You may now register online using the link below.

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You may now register online with API for the API-570 Individual Certification Program (ICP) examination.

Mailing Address: API Individual Certification Program
1220 L Street, N. W., Washington, DC 20005-4070, USA

Fax: 202-682-8348,
Phone: 202-682-8064
Web Site:

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The API 570 exam window is June 20 to July 4, 2014 and the deadline to register with API for the exam is April 11, 2014. Your application must be received by API no later than the deadline date. Registration with CodeWest does NOT register you to take the exam.



CodeWest API-570 Exam Prep Course Registration, Tuition, and Payment

Registration for the CodeWest API-570 Exam Prep Course DOES NOT register you to take the API-570 Certification Examination. Call API at 202-682-8064 to obtain the API Certification Examination registration application. CodeWest Exam Prep Courses often fill prior to the API registration deadline. We must have your completed CodeWest registration and full payment to hold a seat in this course.


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CodeWest API-570 Exam Prep Course Information

CodeWest has presented this course to over 2200 students in public courses in the US and Canada alone with excellent results.


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Who Should Attend?

The CodeWest API-570 Exam Prep Course is ideal for those taking the 570 ICP Exam, as well as participants who interact with inspectors, maintenance, operations, and overall mechanical integrity. However, it is primarily an exam prep course.

CodeWest provides courses on API 650 design, and in-depth training in other areas such as ASME on-site code training on ASME Sections V, IX, B16.5, B31.3 tailored to fit your needs. All CodeWest courses are available as private on-site presentations that can be tailored to fit specific needs. Call 281-392-4540 or Email today for more information.

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API-570 Course Details

ASME / API Welding Requirements:
Review of ASME PQR's (Procedure Qualification Records) and WPS's (Welding Procedure Specifications). Candidates will be expected to be able to review an ASME PQR & WPS and determine compliance with ASME Section IX, B31.3, and API requirements including RP-577. This portion of the course will cover the rules and how to apply them when reviewing the documents in the format developed for this exam.

API Document Review:
Review includes coverage of API-570, parts of RP-571, RP-574 and 578 in class and review of practice questions written in the exam format. All the areas to be included on the exam will be addressed as they apply when using API-570.

ASME B31.3 & B16.5:
Coverage of all the areas of B31.3 & B16.5 outlined in the Body of Knowledge. Specific areas of these codes have been specified to be covered on the exam in the new API-570 Body of Knowledge. All those areas will be covered using practice questions and exercises in class.

Review of the requirements of ASME Section V as they apply when using API-570. The techniques and requirements of ASME Section V apply differently to each API certification. This review will cover the areas related to piping inspection.

In addition to the material presented during class each day there will be homework assignments in the evenings and opportunities to review material again with instructor.

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API and ASME Codes and Standards Required

Each student must supply the API and ASME Codes and Standards referenced on the "Publications Effectivity Sheet published by API for the exam date on which they plan to sit for the exam.

The "Publications Effectivity Sheet" is available at:

Be sure you double check the information to be certain it is identified for the specific exam and exam date you are preparing for.

Supplier of codes: Techstreet: Phone 800 699 9277 or at:

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CodeWest API-570 Exam Prep Course Instructors, Authors, and Editors

Marvin L. Coats has more than 40 years experience in design, construction, operation, and maintenance of pressure systems. His experience spans both nuclear and fossil power generation, upstream oil and gas and transport tanks/vessels.

He has served as an active member of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel committees for more than ten years including QAI-1 (Inspection Agency Oversight), Subgroup Design -Section I (Power Boilers), Subcommittee XII - Transport Tanks and Subgroup General Requirements Section VIII (Pressure Vessels). He currently serves on Section XI, Working Group General Requirements and Section XI Subgroup - Water Cooled Systems.

Richard L. Seay is a degreed engineer with over 33 years experience in refining including responsibilities such as design engineer, inspection engineer, assistant chief inspector, supervisor-process engineering, manager-energy conservation, supervisor of utility operations, supervisor of environmental operations, supervisor-process safety management and manager of inspection. Richard held the API-510, API-570, and API-653 certifications, and recently retired from a large refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. He has presented several exam prep courses for CodeWest covering both API-570, and API-653.

Charlie Cramlet: Charlie brings over 25 years of experience to CodeWest. Experience from working hands on as a welder, NDE Level II, API-510, 570 and 653 Inspector, CWI and National Board Commissioned Inspector. Charlie was a Chief Inspector for one of the largest chemical companies in the world. He has experience training, supervising and managing inspectors and inspection programs. He is also experienced in presentation of technical material in many formats and forums including inspector training.

J. W. Coley, PE has over 32 years of experience in engineering and inspection in the petrochemical industry. He served as Chairman of the API Subcommittee on Inspections, and Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on Corrosion, Materials and Inspection, and participated as a member of the API-510, API-570, and API-653 Task Groups. Jim is one of the original authors of API-653, as well as an author of CodeWest's API-570 and API-653 Exam Prep Courses.

Will Carter is the past Chairman of the API-650 Committee, initiated API-653 and also participated on the API-653 Task Group that developed the original API-653 document. Will is a Professional Engineer with over thirty years experience and holds a Ph.d. in Mechanical Engineering. Will has presented this course several times with excellent results for participating students.

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